Rhino Hand Sewing Thread

Price $15.00
Price $15.00
Type: Waxed Hand Sewing Thread
Thicknesses: 1mm and 0.8mm
Lengths: 250 Meters and 260 Meters
Material: Polyester

(M) Rhino Hand Sewing Thread

Rhino Hand Sewing Thread is gonna be a game changer for all you folks out there who prefer to showcase your work with a classic, well-crafted hand stitch, but also want that little bit of color that will make your projects POP!

100% poly filaments have been lightly waxed and tightly braided into a fine, flat cord that is simply the cat’s meow (or the dog’s woof?) for hand stitching!

This thread has incredible tensile strength, and the tightly woven fibers help reduce fraying, plus it’s also UV and heat resistant, with just enough ‘give’ that it won’t snap when pulled too tightly. So, you can feel confident that your Rhino Hand Sewing Thread is durable enough to ensure that your projects hold up to the test time.

Great for adding some contrast to your work, or simply color-matching. With 40 colors to choose from, the possibilities for creating unique projects, or custom creations are endless!

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Ratings & Reviews

13 Reviews

Nice thread for the price

Tessora| 5/26/2024 12:17 am

I've been happy with this thread! It holds up well for stitching and I love the color varieties. I will say that some of the colors aren't as pictured. The white, purple, and blue are pretty true. The hot pink isn't quite as neon as pictured but still a vibrant color. The red isn't as dark as pictured. The seafoam is much less green than pictured, it looks more like the group photo, 4th from the bottom left. Some are pretty heavily waxed, others not so much.

Decent option but not as good as Ritza

S. S.| 5/9/2023 7:54 am

I like the array of colors and it's pretty easy to stitch with, but if you're looking for something Ritza quality, this isn't it.

Rhino Thread

Bobby| 5/8/2022 12:11 pm

Love this thread, so easy to use and looks fantastic. Not a whole lot of wax on it like some other brands. Thank you

Happy customer

Josh| 8/12/2021 3:42 am

Just got finished with the first of many projects with this thread and so far from what I can tell its some good stuff very strong and of a way better quality than the Amazon stuff I was using and the customer service of SLC was great they originally sent one wrong color of the 4 I ordered and let me keep the wrong one which most places would have made me pack it back up and drive to the place to send it back and again thank y'all for that. Will be ordering again.

So far so good

Josh| 8/12/2021 3:32 am

I bought 4 spools one each of the white,black,natural white, and sapphire all in the 1mm I happened to get wrong color instead of sapphire you know stuff happens I gave them a call they fixed the issue and are sending me the sapphire I ordered and let me keep the wrong color so all in all a great purchase the staff was easy to talk to and got back with me in a very timely manner. I will be ordering again for sure great customer service thank y'all again for giving me the extra spool.

Goodbye Ritza Tiger Thread — Hello $10 a spool Rhino Thread

Margarite| 4/28/2021 6:00 pm

I do not understand the negative reviews. Use the correct size needle and know how to properly hand sew leather. Regular needle for leather stitching. Blunt tip and larger eye. Rhino thread is incredible. Extremely strong and durable. If someone gave you a roll of this thread and told you it was Ritza Tiger thread you would not be able to tell the difference. Do you want to spend $40 a roll for Ritza Tiger thread? Purchase a couple of rolls of Rhino thread and you will not be disappointed. My only complaint the threads were not given the correct color description. List of suggestions— Original name will be first: (1) bright green-Neon Lime Green (2) bright orange-Neon Orange (3) coffee-Vintage Brown (4) dark gray-Vintage Gray (5) hot pink-Raspberry Pink (6) Lake Blue-French Blue (7) light brown-Vintage Caramel (8) magenta-Burgundy (9) pink-Light Baby Pink (10) sea foam-Pale Turquoise (11) turquoise-Sea Foam Green (12) watermelon-Autumn Red

Great Thread for the Price!

Robert| 3/13/2021 4:53 am

So, in comparison to Ritza Tiger Thread there is no comparison in quality. The Tiger thread is tighter, stronger and less likely to split. HOWEVER, at a fraction of the cost of (Ritza is $30 WHOLESALE vs 6.99 for this product!) this is a good alternative. I like to keep multiple colors and if you are on a budget this is a much more realistic price. It is VERY waxy, almost oily which is good and bad. It slides easily through stitch holes but leaves waxy build-up that must be wiped or brushed off. It also makes your hands slippery and a bit harder to sew. All In all I would use this for normal projects and use Ritza on higher quality projects where a tighter thread is needed.

Blow dryer tip

Scott| 3/9/2021 12:22 pm

I made a chess set and chess board with rhino thread. After sewing I used a blow dryer to melt the wax and the color really came through.

Good thread

Joe| 1/5/2021 9:50 am

I got a few spools of different colors during the black Friday sale. The colors were very nice and it stitched great. It is heavy on the wax. However, after completing my stitch I ran a lighter over it with a quick pass and man, the color popped! I will be getting more.

A little disappounted

Great rivas| 11/28/2020 10:42 am

It is very pretty thread, but it is not tightly woven and started to fray after a day. Not going to be my tiger thread replacement, but will be good for some crafter level projects.

Good Thread

James| 11/23/2020 9:46 pm

Best thread I have used so far. It is waxed a little heavy but is a dream to work with. The color is vibrant, thread seems strong and makes stitching easy. Be sure to take a brush to your stitching when you're finished to remove the excess wax.

Won't be my go to..

Mike wallace| 11/14/2020 1:43 pm

Pretty disappointed with this thread. It splits pretty easily with a 00 harness needle. I wanted to like it, being flat and braided, but it isn't tight.

Incredible, a must have for hand sewing

Hank| 11/4/2020 12:00 pm

This stuff is beautiful and easy to work with! You really can't beat it for the price! Does the same job the ritza tiger thread will do, at a fraction of the cost. If you are on the fence about trying it out, go for it, you will not be disappointed :)