SLC CarveRite - Lotus Flower

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SKU: 011-7711
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Type: Pattern/Tooling Aid
Pattern Length: 7"
Pattern Width: 6-1/4"
Material: 0.4mm plastic
Use: Imprinting designs for carving on veg tan leather

SLC CarveRite - Lotus Flower

If you’re gonna carve, you’ll want to Carve-Rite! Our CarveRite Templates allow you to tool like a master without all the hassle. Learn the techniques you need while getting the results you want.

Carve-Rite templates make hand tooling a breeze with raised pattern designs that you can imprint easily into damp tooling leather, using a simple two-step process! So convenient and so easy to use, you’ll feel like a pro in no time at all! Great for duplicating patterns on project after project!

These durable, reusable, plastic templates allow you to transfer the design onto veg tan faster than you can say “wet my leather”! Forget about drawing out or copying a design onto paper, then tracing the design onto film, then tracing the design from the tracing film onto you project piece! Seriously… Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Our CarveRite Template Line offers many styles to choose from, such as belt, wallet, billfold, corner and border, to memory books, bible cover, and photo album covers, etc. With pattern themes like florals, leaves, and vines, wildlife, and spiritual. Even stitching, and alphabets!

Includes instructions and a photo carve pattern showing the tools used and where they were used.

To use: Simply place your CarveRite template face down (raised side) onto your dampened/cased veg tan leather and hold it in place, making sure not to move it around. Press the template down, and firmly rub the smooth side (back side) of the template with a roller, modeling spoon, or other flat tool, all over the pattern. Then lift the template up and behold! A perfectly impressed design ready for you to tool and carve!

Item # 011-7711

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