SN Belt Roller - 5 Basket Weave

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SKU: 932-005
Price $99.00
Type: Embossing Wheel
Style: Tri Weave
Material: Solid Brass
Interior Diameter: 25.6mm (approx. 1")
Exterior Diameter: 37.5mm (approx. 1-1/2")
Width: 28.1mm (approx. 1-1/8")

SN Belt Roller - 5 Basket Weave

We are thrilled to have an EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP with the famous Sergey Neskromniy, owner of LeatherStampTools, who also happens to be a brilliantly talented artist, designer, leather crafter, and tool maker!

He also knows the value of time… and we’re here to tell you, a belt embossing roller is just the ticket for saving precious time in creating stunning belts!

These belt rollers from Sergey Neskromniy are made of solid brass and feature his very own, highly detailed artwork, and will produce the most intricate belt patterns you’ll ever see. In fact, these belt rollers are so precisely made, that when finished, your work will have an impressive vibrant, deep, dimensional look that will be the envy of leather crafters around the globe! That’s because, unlike most manufacturers, Sergey’s belt embossing wheels are made with a CNC machine rather than using casting and molding. This process guarantees that you receive an original part and not a copy made from another copy.

With several design options to choose from, we think you’ll be able to find one that suits your style and personality! Belt embossing rollers are a must have for the small manufacturers, professional leather crafters, and hobbyists alike!

A few words from Sergey Neskromniy: “I am a leatherworker with great experience with stamps so most our designs are unique and created here, in our studio workshop. Not all the designs end up in production; they are tested and evaluated first, and some get discarded if not proved to be a good working tool…” … “we have a very well-trained professional staff, working hard” … to make these tools “to the highest possible standards”.

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