SN Stamping Tool - 381 Star Check

SKU: 932-381
Retail $22.00
Type: Stamping Tool
Style: Geometric
Impression Max Height: 13.8mm
Impression Max Width: 13.8mm
Barrel Diameter: 7mm
Barrel Length: 82.9mm

SN Stamping Tool - 381 Star Check

SN Stamping Tool - 381 Star Check

Happy Days! SLC is excited to announce our EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP with the famous Sergey Neskromniy, owner of LeatherStampTools, who also happens to be a brilliantly talented artist, designer, leather crafter, and tool maker! The stamping tools he offers are made of brass and have permanently attached, stainless steel handles, and feature unique designs, created by Sergey himself, in his studio in Bulgaria.

After one use, you’ll see that these tools, by far, produce some of the cleanest, sharpest, most detailed impressions your leather will ever see! In fact, they’re so precisely made, that when finished, your work will have an impressive vibrant, deep, dimensional look that will be the envy of leather crafters around the globe! That’s because, unlike most manufacturers, Sergey’s stamps are made with a CNC machine rather than using casting and moulding. This process guarantees that you receive an original tool and not a copy made of another copy.

What’s really cool is that they have so many different tool varieties; from Backgrounders to Border Tools, to Basketweave! Even Snake and Dragon Scales!!! They also offer “half” and “quarter” stamps designed to compliment the patterns made with the “main” stamps to finish off the edges. Likewise, they’ve also designed “corner” and “central” piece elements for Border Stamps, as well as left and right oriented Border Stamps that are sure to give your work a professional flow, by creating a unique, eye-catching design! And Geometric Stamps? Out. Of. This. World! Sergey and his team have developed a special type of Geometric patterned stamps designed so that each impression “clings” to the corners or other areas of one another, thereby cutting your time and effort in half, and giving you a flawless, tidy pattern.

These stamps are designed for vegetable tanned leather 2mm thick or heavier* (leather should be cased prior to stamping) but can be used on chrome leather if heated (hot stamping). *2mm+ thick leather is recommended, but if you do need to use a lighter weight, then it’s best to place an extra piece of leather underneath to achieve the cleanest, smoothest print.

A few words from Sergy Neskromniy: “I am a leatherworker with great experience with stamps so most our designs are unique and created here, in our studio workshop. Not all the designs end up in production; they are tested and evaluated first, and some get discarded if not proved to be a good working tool…” … “we have a very well-trained professional staff, working hard”… to make these tools “to the highest possible standards”.

Item # 932-381

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Unique Geometric Pattern - LOVE!

Melissa - | 10/28/2022 9:01 pm

I love Sergey's stamps! I've purchased multiple designs from both the artist himself, and SLC. The stamps are designed to "click" into place within the impression to help with alignment. It takes some practice to figure out how to get this particular design lined up and looking good, but the results are worth the effort.