Saffiano & Finished Bag Leather Bundle

SKU: DDS-2002
Price $39.99
Was: $64.90
Color: Assorted Colors
Type: Cow
Cut: 5-6 square foot piece
Sold By: Bundle
Average Size: 25-30 total square feet
Thickness: 3 - 4 oz (1.2 - 1.6 mm.)
Hand: Firm
Saffiano leather was originally produced in Italy for the Prada brand. Since then, it's become a staple of many luxury line handbag companies. Basically, it's a very level split that has a premium laminate on it that has one of the famous cross hatch or pebble grain prints pressed into it. The Coach bag company uses a lot of this leather, and they discontinue colors regularly to keep their line fresh and new (you might find a Coach label on some of these pieces). We have it because of our connections in the leather world and can help manufacturers like Coach and others when they discontinue certain colors or prints or are simply overstocked. Bad for them, good for us and good for you. If you burnish the edges with Toko pro, or Tokonole, and color those edges with Angelus paint, you will have created your own luxury line handbag at a fraction of the normal cost! This is leather that is used to produce high dollar bags and accessories. This bundle includes 5 pieces of Saffiano, each being in the 4-6 sqft. range. The leather is 3 to 4 oz. for the most part. This should allow you to make some small to medium sized bags, and maybe some matching clutches to go with it. We have a multitude of colors! Colors vary, and while no two colors will be the same, you could get 2 shades of a color. For example, a dark red, and a light red. But there's not a bad color in the bunch! Bundles will average 27 to 30 sqft. Many of your customers will be familiar with this leather. When trimmed with solid color leathers, you'll have a winner! This would be great for high end journals too! Some are even double faced!!

Ratings & Reviews

I like my leather to look like leather.

Ron - | 7/23/2023 1:57 pm

If you like "leather" that looks like plastic/vinyl, this is for you.

Great value, less duplication would be nice

Christopher - | 3/25/2023 12:14 pm

Picked up two of these this week, good looking leather and decent colors. The one thing I’ll note is that both bundles were exactly the same so something to be aware of, but that is the risk you run when buying blind bundles.

nice options and colors

Rachel - | 10/27/2022 12:09 pm

I got this bundle twice. Nice color and options. Most were very nice with large enough pieces to make a good small bag, others not so much but that's to be expected when buying mystery bundles. Overall I was very happy with this gamble!

Very beautiful, but I don't think these are saffiano leather

Crafter| 10/17/2021 12:38 pm

I purchased 2 bundles. Both were almost same colors. 1 of each bundle was pebble, which was also nice. I'm just a hobbyist and not so picky. all leather except one was very beautiful. 1 so. I just think these are not saffiano leather, but Cross grain leather that coach uses. Again, I'm not picky, and either, I'm happy. (Even though I like Saffiano texture a bit better) I still give this bundle 5 starts, since I just love them. I probably will purchase this again sometime, and i hope I will get different colors next time! :D

Great selection

Robert - | 8/25/2021 11:01 pm

I've purchased two of these bundles so far and will buy more! Between the two bundles, I received six different colors in the crosshatch style and two in the pebbled grain style. The pieces are excellent quality.

Excellent selection of Leathers

Robert - | 8/10/2021 12:49 pm

I have ordered two of these bundles so far and loved them both. Between the two, I received 8 different colors -- 6 with the crosshatch design and two with pebbled. One of the crosshatch leathers has a very nice, soft, almost suede-like flesh side, and the gray/silver pebble design with the vinyl laminate on the back is really nice. I will definitely be buying more.

Beautiful Bundle

Carly - | 8/7/2021 8:19 am

I am very please with my first order. I received a beautiful bundle of colors. I requested a blue and a metallic and I received just that. A beautiful baby blue, a teal and 2 metallic colors + a yellow. I will definitely reorder in the future.

Saffiano Bundle

Dan - | 4/16/2021 9:34 am

Nice assortment of the Saffiano Cross Hatch leather included in this bundle. My bundle included 4 Saffiano piece and one very large rectangle of a metallic silver pebble grain with a rubberized back. Not what I expected, but will make for a very sturdy and waterproof tote. My Saffiano colors included purple, bright pink, metallic gold, and light tan.

Nice leather, better sorting needed

Dwight| 12/21/2020 12:05 am

I got 5 pieces of leather but only 4 were Saffiano cross Hatch leather. The other was a pebbled reverse sided hide. The 4 I got were very beautiful. I may order again, I just hope the person stocking gets all 5 of the right leathers.

Colors may vary

Erin| 12/8/2020 5:41 pm

Received my order expecting pretty and variety colors like the photo. But I received, glitter black, grey, metallic grey, metallic wine, and brown. I guess all the pretty colors were sold out. Will be returning.

High end quality, great price

DEBI| 10/30/2020 1:48 pm

This is a great deal! The bundle includes a nice range of colors, and enough to complete several projects in each piece. Texture reflects that of the high end/designer accessories.

Buy This

Brandon - | 9/4/2020 8:10 pm

Wow! This is a great deal. I asked for blue and received a nice dark blue with some glitter flecks to it in my bundle. Also came with some very bright red. Both sides of all my pieces look amazing and I think I got more than 30 feet.


Cali crafter| 8/25/2020 10:26 am

This bundle is incredibly beautiful. Would be great to make your own high end looking purse or wristlets. I was surprised when I opened up my purchase. Great deal for what you get!

Love this Leather !

Arnaldo - | 8/6/2020 10:40 pm

Very nice colors .Great leather . I already ordered my second two bundles. Whatever you make out of it will look luxurious and for the price ; this is a very sweet deal !!!