StartRite Bag Side Bundle

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Type: Bundle
Style: Upholstery Leathers
Tannage: Chrome
Footage: 40 square feet
Thickness: 2-3oz
Average Piece Size: 8-12 sqft

StartRite Bag side bundle! We have a rather large…well….very large….ummmm…actually it’s a gigantically huge amount of just plain ol’ good upholstery hides. Pebbled, smooth, and all nice standard colors. Very good quality. Blacks, browns, tans, crème, grey, burgundy, and a few other colors that escape me at the moment. You’ll get at least 40 feet of 4 different colors that will complement each other. All are clean, good quality, and average 2 - 3 oz., a good weight for bags. Pieces range from 8 to 12 sqft. (give or take) and some pieces may even be long enough for belts! (no guarantees though) My hope is that you can make some money with this stuff, so that you can spend it on some expensive stuff! ??

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Worth the $

Erica - | 5/10/2024 6:37 pm

This bundle was decent... Wish I would have gotten neutral colors.. I got Red, Yellows, Creme and one brown. Hide is nice quality and I can use it.

Great Buy for the Money

Kristine - | 2/19/2023 1:25 pm

Fantastic assortment of great leather that all works well together. I’ve purchased a couple times and I’ve been happy so far.

Very Pleased Indeed

Shanon S| 8/19/2022 2:29 pm

OMG I received my Startrite Bag Side Bundle today and every single piece is perfect for my project; nothing will go to waste. And these aren't little pieces either. I can't wait to purchase another bundle. I will say when it comes to bundles does pay to call Springfield Leather and speak to their staff to discuss what types of leather you prefer so they can Better help pick out a bundle for you since every bundle is different and already put together.

Thanks for a great bundle

Brett - | 1/4/2022 1:50 pm

I'm very happy with the bundle. It's all useable and will be great for a lot of projects!