Veg Tan Split Bundle

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Veg Tan Split Bundle

This bundle consists of 30 - 35 sq. ft. of various veg tanned splits created by our shop! Pieces average 4 - 10 sq. ft. for the most part, with some as large as 15 sq. ft., and some as small as 1 - 2 sq. ft. Weights will vary. 

Great for use as lining or stiffener for belts, bags, clutches and wallets, etc., or for use as an art canvas for painting, markers, or even wood burning. 


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More than what I expected

TODD - | 1/24/2023 5:42 pm

I dont think ive ever ordered a bundle, surprise box, etc from other places, where I was amazed at the contents. I ordered in the hopes of getting something I could use as souls on Moccasins. I was not disappointed! Contained a full side of 5/6oz split as well as a half shoulder split and some other pieces as well. Im new to leather working and this will keep me busy for a while.

I should have listened.

Gabe - | 9/26/2022 3:58 pm

Right, well. Let me start off by saying I should have listened to the review that said "They sent me half a cow", I thought they were being dramatic and decided to buy 2. I should have listened. There is now an entire cow sitting on my sofa AND because I ordered 2, it's a stack of cows, plus about 5-6 extra pieces here and there that are still pretty large pieces. To give you an idea, I have a standard L-shaped couch and the leather stretches from one end to the other. If you're new to leather crafting or tooling, you can make this purchase with confidence. The leather is decent quality, it's got knicks but even if you trimmed those areas, the amount of leather is still beyond substantial so you can try all sorts of fun projects without remorse. They've outdone themselves with this bundle, shipping was quick, took about 5 days from processing to the arrival to South Florida. I will be buying from these guys exclusively from now on.

Good deal if you truly understand what you are getting

Terry| 7/23/2022 11:12 am

An S ton of leather - will order again. doubling up, slicking the new very flat top, and using for inlayed holsters, belt stiffener, etc... I made an extremely bad cut and was all mad with myself. Then just realized it only cost me 55 cents not 6 dollars. If new want to learn and just play with designs. What is it: Inexpensive leather, "horizontal split", that will not look pretty without some hard work. However, there is so much of it that you simply cannot go wrong. I will buy again and again, and again.

So glad I got this!

Ciaran| 6/19/2022 7:34 pm

This was my first order from SLC and first time working with veg split so I had no idea what to expect. When I unrolled an entire massive side, then found two more 24x24” cuts tucked away inside I immediately realized my mistake in buying this bundle as an afterthought along with everything else I got. Where the heck was I going to put such a massive amount of incredible leather? The side is pretty stiff, but consistently nice and smooth on both sides and has endless possibilities for what I can do with it. The two other pieces are much thicker, softer, and almost a bit spongy feeling. They’ll make excellent padding for just about anything that needs it like shoulder straps or adding a bit more flexible bulk to thinner leathers. If storage space wasn’t an issue for me I’d already be ordering another!


J| 5/16/2022 3:12 pm

Wonderful! Will definitely buy it again


leatherworker| 4/13/2022 4:31 pm

It's an alright bundle. Good for stiffening up handbags & backpacks. Or for making mockups. That's about it. Wouldn't want to make a leather apron out of this.

sewing practice

leatherworker - | 3/16/2022 2:29 pm

This is great for sewing practice & for mockups. NOTE: All my reviews will have 4 stars or less. Why? Because their process for shipping out your orders take a lot longer than another shop.

So much material for the cost

DaddyPenguin - | 12/13/2021 5:21 pm

I bought these with the understanding of what to expect and what I got blew me away. The ammount of material for the cost was huge. I dont know where these cow-a-saureses are but I will be getting more. The first thing I am using these for are for more durable and grippy souls for moccasins and for scabbards and saw covers for working tools. I have seen some of the tips in the reviews and I will be trying them for more decorative pieces as well.

Great buy

Big mar| 7/16/2021 7:24 am

It was bought to stiffened up limber leather to make backpacks... match this up with the ugly bundle and some contact glue... take some of the fear out of not knowing what you're going to get. Now it's all thick enough to make what you want...

Well worth the money and we'll buy again

John| 10/31/2020 9:36 am

Got this as part of my first order from SLC to layer inside some chrome tan for knife sheaths and gun holsters and upon opening it I'm very pleased. Almost a entire side of drum died black veg tan split and several pieces of natural veg tan splits around 12*12 to 12*24 sizes. And all the splits was clean, smooth and even. To be honest it's better quality on both sides of the split then the flesh side of some leather I've got from other leather suppliers.

Huge cow!!

T-Bird| 10/26/2020 9:00 pm

Got this bundle and it was 3 pieces that is a large cow!! All new to this and was not sure just what I was buying going to make some chaps and saddle bags and much more with all this!! One big thicker piece and some really nice thin lining leather!! Awesome deal!!!!

Simply awesome

Dominic| 4/4/2020 9:06 pm

Great bang for your buck doesn’t even describe how good of a deal you are getting. I was very surprised at what I got. Order trust me you won’t be sorry. I wish they had a 10 star rating because this was an amazing purchase.

Unbeatable value!

Leland| 1/9/2020 9:18 am

They MUST have made a mistake and shipped more than I paid for - at least it seemed that way. There is a massive amount of leather here, including a single piece large enough to make a new blacksmith apron. Get it, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Can not go wrong with this bundle!!

Richard W.| 5/14/2019 1:04 am

I ordered 3 sets of these and just received 2 of them today. I am just amazed of the quantity and quality of the pieces. I mainly bought these to test out some ideas I had and for some new projects but I can use it for so much more than I expected. 5 stars all the way and will be buying more. If you have imagination this is the pack for you :)

Perfect for making various gun leather parts.

Dan| 5/11/2019 11:25 pm

I use a lot of these splits for various parts in making custom gun leather. They’re absolutely perfect for what I make !

Worth it!

LeatherLady| 4/20/2019 8:23 pm

Great value for the money. I will be back for more of this one. Several, nice, soft pieces and two stiffer, surprisingly large pieces.


Sarah| 2/14/2019 11:08 pm

Ummm... They sent me half a cow... Seriously! I got an entire side plus a few other decent sized pieces. So impressed with the quantity and excited to come up with ways to use it.

Veg Tan Split Bundle usage

Robert B| 1/23/2019 1:27 pm

I bought this a couple months ago and have used it for pockets for cub scout summer camp badges. I have started to put wax on the splits, rubbed wax on and using a polishing attachment on a grinder to polish and heat the leather. I am having some difficulties but am getting about 80% to look fantastic. My wife says I am to picky she likes it all. I want to see about duck bags and so forth that will be water proof and very inexpensive. As far as the bundle I got different weights and sizes but enough to do alot of stuff.

Good value

JOHNNY| 3/17/2018 4:17 pm

Decent quality leather. It can be sanded on one side with an orbital sander ( 600-1000 grit paper ) to get a real nice finish. I bought this to prototype bushcraft belt pouches and to practice tooling