Whistler Eclipse Grey Suede

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Type: Cow
Genre: Suede
Style: Rough Suede
Color: Whistler Eclipse Grey
Tannage: Chrome Tan
Cut: Sides
Sold by: Side
Average Size: 16 Sqft
Thickness: 3-4oz
Hand: Soft

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Whistler Eclipse Grey Suede

Exceptional Value for Your Money! This leather comes from a leather supplier who sources their leathers from the finest artisanal tanneries all over the world, and they supply the high-end furniture and shoe manufacturers. We have a great relationship with them and the folks who sell their odd lots, overruns, and other miscellaneous leathers, and boy are we happy about that! You should be, too!

Discover the remarkable value of these cowhide splits! While they may not be flawless, their overall quality is impressive. One side has a smoother texture, while the other is a little rough. These small sides may have a small hole or two, which can easily be worked around. These minor imperfections aside, the smoother side has a decent nap and looks pretty darn good.

The versatile grey color serves as a neutral backdrop, making it ideal for various projects such as lining guitar straps, belts, and more. Additionally, these suede splits can elevate soft bag designs, enhance costumes, and offer countless creative and utilitarian possibilities!

Sold by the Side. We do not cut these.

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Great Suede

MSBW - | 1/16/2024 9:40 pm

Very nice suede for linings and backing straps with a nice, even finish and coloring. Great value for the price.