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Back Holster Free Pattern

Published on
March 6, 2024 at 10:57:07 AM PST March 6, 2024 at 10:57:07 AM PSTth, March 6, 2024 at 10:57:07 AM PST

Back Carry Holster Denny + Liz

Join us for an exciting live demonstration as master craftsman Denny guides you through the intricate process of creating a custom back carry gun holster. In this engaging video, Denny will share his expertise, tips, and techniques, providing invaluable insights into the artistry behind holster making.

With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, Denny will showcase the step-by-step journey from selecting high-quality materials to precision stitching and finishing touches. Whether you're a seasoned holster enthusiast or a novice intrigued by the craft, this live session promises to inspire and educate.