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2023 Springfield Leather Co. Fall Quarterly Supply CatalogLeather Machine Guide Stamping and Tooling GuideLeather Carving Classes

TALK ABOUT HOT!!! I hope its been a little more livable for y'all than its been around here the past few weeks....but as always the seasons change and bring new opportunities and cooler weather!
As those winds of change blow into the face of time, fortunately they are bringing relief and growth in Springfield!! I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our latest breath of fresh air!! Thats the catalog you have in your hand!!
Springfield Leather is proud to announce we will be releasing quarterly catalogs.... Why might you ask? As you thumb through our latest creation, we hope you enjoy the ability this provides us to more actively serve you better, more timely pricing to adjust to those "winds" QR codes that instantly take you to just the right page on our website to see all the goodies you want. It affords the opportunity to introduce new items, disc old items, offer clearances or make adjustments to current items as needed, throughout the year rather than at years end providing you with the same great customer service that you have come to expect from Your Leather and craft supplier Springfield Leather.
Each quarterly catalog will show and offer a great selection of the Ole standards as well as What's New in the industry brought to you by SLC. We hope our efforts for continual improvement will be ever evident as we see this change play to the benefit of our customer AND our employees, this change will give more time and opportunity to serve you better. We know change can be hard, but as the Fall weather rolls in and brings relief and the colors around us turn, change will yield results.

We wish you success and good health,


Our catalog can be accessed several ways: view it below on your Computer/Tablet/Mobile.

Enjoy your catalog and call us if you have any problems accessing the catalog!

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