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Valid 02/11/20 - 02/17/20

Dark Mink Shearling

Shearling is lamb skin tanned with the wool left intact. These skins showcase a velvety softness perfect for cold weather garments - like hats, scarves, and gloves. Shearling could also be used as an impressive lining material. Sold per skin. Skins are 2.5 to 4 square feet each. No requests for specific size on this item.
Item #FSL-8

  • shearling
  • shearling
  • shearling

Normally $10.00 Each
Flash Sale Price - $7.00 Each

Skirting Leather - Chestnut

This thick and sturdy skirting leather is perfect for your next saddle project. This leather has already been dyed but has not been finished. Perfect for tooling and stamping to bring that extra personalization to your project! Will need a finish once done. Size ranges from 22 - 25 Square feet of 11 - 13 oz. (4.4 - 5.2 mm.). Sold by the piece, we WILL NOT cut.
Item #13-36

  • skirting

Normally $139.00 Each
Flash Sale Price - $119.00 Each!

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