Hermann Oak Veg Holster Belly - Black

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SKU: 49-02
Price $22.00
Type: Cow
Cut: Belly
Thickness: 8oz to 12oz (3.2mm to 4.8mm)
Average Size: 3 to 4 square feet
Average Length: 55 to 65 inches
Sold By: Per Piece
Item # 49-02

SP H.O. Veg Holster Belly - Black

In case ya didn't know it, bellies are a great and economical cut of leather that will allow you (in many cases) to possibly cut a belt strip or two, or make holsters, wallet backs, and other personal leather goods!

These Special Purchase Hermann Oak bellies are even MORE of a bargain since they're already dyed, saving you a big step in completeing your project!

Supply is limited, so order while you can, 'cause they ain't gonna last forever!

Item # 49-02

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