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Selling things sort of makes the world go ‘round y’know…And giving something away with your name on it has been a stable means of generating brand recognition and creating sales for years. So SLC would like to help our customers be able to do both of those things! 😊

With our reseller/promotional items program we’re able to provide many popular items at a price that will allow you to resell at a healthy profit. And because of our buying power and diversity of operations, we’re able to provide products for resale or promotional use in either a finished or a ready-to-be-finished state at rock bottom price levels. SLC offers Custom cutting, embossing, stamping, sewing, and many other services that can contribute to the success and forward motion of your business. No matter if you’re a work at home Mom or Dad, or a work in the shop from 9-5 kinda person, or some sort of E-commerce guru, SLC not only can help, but we’d like to help!