Assorted Saffiano & Finished Bag Leathers

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Type: Cow
Genre: Hand Bag Leather
Style: Finished Bag Leather
Color: Assorted
Tannage: Chrome Tan
Sold By: Piece
Cut: Mixed Cuts
Average Size: 10 - 16 SqFt
Weight: 3-4 oz
Hand: Medium
Note: Once we run out of these colors, we’ll update the next batch of available colors for another round! But keep in mind, this Special Purchase leather is LIMITED in QUANTITY and SUBJECT to AVAILABILITY!

Assorted Saffiano & Finished Bag Leathers

Liz and Dan found a mixed bunch of Saffiano and other nice finished bag leathers, and they want to sell them for a BARGAIN! And you better believe it’s a deal you can’t afford to ignore!

The colors are assorted and will change fairly often. We'll do the best we can to keep the pictures updated, but we sell out of these so fast, that's gonna be a challenge!

This Special Purchase Leather is LIMITED in QUANTITY and SUBJECT to AVAILABILITY!

Saffiano leather was originally produced in Italy for high-end bag and accessory brands. Since then, it's become a staple of many luxury line handbag companies. This is a very high quality, very level split that has been finished with a premium coating, with a crosshatch print pressed into it. (You might also find other patterns, such as pebble, smooth, etc.)

This is the leather you’ll want to nab if you’re thinking about making designer style leather goods! Folks, there are just so many options for making matching ladies’ accessories out there that we just can’t list them all! But we think that clutches, card cases, belts, journal covers, and all sorts of small things will be slam-dunk winners for all concerned!

Pro Tip: Slicking or pasting the edges of this leather with Toko Pro or Tokonole will help make it easier to color those edges with Angelus paint or better yet, Fenice Diamond Edge Color. Doing this is a game-changer because it allows you to take advantage of more high-end project opportunities! With a little flair and creativity, you’ll soon be creating your OWN luxury line leather goods, just like the professional manufacturers, at a fraction of the normal cost!

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High end leather without the high end price!

Bonbon| 3/15/2024 3:54 pm

SUPERB QUALITY! Had mine split to 2/3 which could not have been more perfect! The crimson has such a sheen, it looks almost metallic! VERY high quality feel for these hides! Now that I know to split (although expensive but worth it) I will be buying LOTS more of these!

Mostly finished bag leather but beautiful

Missy| 11/30/2023 3:56 pm

Love the leather I got. The majority was pebbled which confused me until I realized it says "Saffiano AND finished bag leathers". Beautiful leather either way!

Great Deal

Brian| 11/28/2023 6:45 pm

Super highly processed leather. It almost seems synthetic. I like it a lot. It's different from what I'm used to working with, but the price was right, and it's super unique. The only negative is that the side was so long that one end got crushed quite a bit while it was rolled up in the box during shipping.

great value

Paul| 10/13/2023 7:13 am

I ordered a couple of different colors. They were all are very nice with a great finish. On top of that they were large hides. I will be able to make a lot from each one.

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Natalie| 9/2/2023 12:23 pm

These are absolutely incredible. The ones I received are very large. I received my first 12 and immediately ordered an additional 8. Incredible value