Hermann Oak Heritage 1881

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Hermann Oak Heritage 1881

Type: Cow
Available in: Black, Chestnut, Dark Chocolate, and Saddle Tan
Cut: Side
Sold By: Square Feet
Average Size: 24 - 30 Square feet
Thickness: 3 - 4 oz (1.2 - 1.6 mm)
Tannage: Veg Tan
Proccess: Drum-dyed, Dry Milled

Water-resistant, veg tanned leather??? Is that even a thing? Well, as a matter of fact it IS!

Since its inception over 10 years ago, Hermann Oak’s Research and Development Team has been hard at work developing their proprietary formula and process, using cutting edge technology, to create a water-resistant, veg tanned leather and the results are beyond impressive! After over 100 years of setting the standard in tooling, strap, harness, and tack leather production, Hermann Oak has stepped up and out with an innovative new leather and, once again, has revolutionized the leather world! The result? Hermann Oak Heritage 1881.

This is a gorgeous, full-grain, 100% vegetable tanned leather, done on US steer hides. Drum-dyed for rich, struck through color, saturated through and through with a water-resistant formula, and dry milled. It has all the softness and feel of a chrome tanned leather, with the integrity, strength, durability, and lasting properties you have come to expect of Hermann Oak Veg.

Do not be fooled! Hermann Oak Heritage 1881 is not your ordinary treated leather. It has NOT been treated with a topcoat or Scotchgard type of water protection. Instead, their unique formula gets infused into the leather during part of the drum dyeing process, binding to the fibers throughout the ENTIRE thickness of the leather! Back, front, inside, out… it’s all protected. This process increases the durability and lifetime of the element protection and ensures that this leather will not lose these properties with regular use and wear. This leather is exceptionally water/weather resistant not, waterproof. Water beads up and rolls off, even if it sits there for a little while. You can even run it under a faucet for a while. Lindsey said Rusty held it under the faucet for 15 minutes! However, if you submerge it under water for an hour or more, of course it’s gonna get wet! Not to worry! This leather will not spot up or leave water damage marks when it dries! All thanks to Hermann Oak’s dedication to providing the world with best vegetable tanned leather on the planet!

Excellent for making duffel bags, backpacks, satchels, handbags, chaps, jackets, even lace! Also perfect for upholstery applications, pillows, and other home décor projects!

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