Hermann Oak Racetrack Natural Veg

Retail: $18.50 to $369.00

Type: Cow
Genre: Veg-Tan Leathers
Style: Hot-Stuffed
Color: Natural “RaceTrack”
Tannage: Hot-Stuffed Veg Tan
Cut: Sides
Sold By: Sqft or Side
Average Side: 23-25 sqft
Thickness: 10-11 oz
Hand: Firm

Please note that this leather can be sold by square foot. Whatever quantity is chosen at checkout will be the square footage received.

Example: Order quantity of 5, you will receive 5 square feet.

Hermann Oak Racetrack Natural Veg

Racetrack Natural Veg Tan Leather has gone through Hermann Oak’s stringent method of vegetable tanning and finishing with hot oils and wax as our regular Hermann Oak Natural Veg-Tan Leather, but Racetrack goes the extra mile! After the leather has been tanned and finished, they take it and dip it into a proprietary solution of hot natural waxes and tallows, for a select amount of time, to further saturate the leather, giving it better weather resistance properties, as well as a pull-up so beautifully rich it’ll make you cry when you have to cut it up! Sold by the Side, Square Foot, and Strips! ATTENTION BELT MAKERS! This is a VERY WAXY leather. It will be amazing for a work belt or used for tack purposes. But as with all waxy leathers, be aware that there is some bleed off of the wax with use, so we advise against dress belts or straps that would be worn against clothing that you don't want to be bled off on.

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Waxy & Gorgeous!

Stryker| 9/21/2023 2:19 pm

I got some of this during a live sale one day and was very impressed with the beauty of the color and finish of this leather. I strapped it down into belt blanks for a more Western, everyday belt. It is a bit waxy but that can easily be rubbed back into the leather. The wax and tallows in this leather give is great pull-up and water-resistant finish. If you're looking for rustic, western-style leather, I can't recommend this leather enough. If you get this leather full weight, it makes excellent belts. If you have it split down, you can make some gorgeous bags too.