Hermann Oak Single Shoulders

Price $40.00 to $49.00

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Price $40.00 to $49.00

Type: Cow
Style: Drum Dyed or Natural
Color: Brown, Black, or Natural
Options: Smoothcell or Haircell
Tannage: Vegtan
Cut: Single Shoulder
Sold By: Single Shoulder
Average Size: 5 sqft
Hand: Firm

Hermann Oak Single Shoulders

These 5ish sq. ft. shoulders are generated from SLC belt production. You will not cut any belts from these, but you will sure get some good Craftsman grade leather for smaller projects like clutches, wallets, sheaths, holsters, etc. Keep in mind though, that these are SHOULDERS and will contain some blemishes such as fat wrinkles, bug bites and scaring. This is sold by the piece.

Since 1881, Hermann Oak has been tanning top-grain leather right here in Missouri. St. Louis-based, the company prides itself on its slow and careful tanning process. A process that produces the finest top-grain stamping and tooling leather in the world. The Hermann Oak name has become synonymous with high quality!

Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews

Great for the price.

Jerry| 3/12/2022 8:29 pm

I have ordered these single shoulders 4 times. Each of the times, I received good quality leather, for the price. This is NOT the highest grade leather, but this is really good leather. I suspect, though I have not had to do this, if the piece was really poor and you call SLC, they will arrange for you to return the piece and get a replacement. They really are interested in your satisfaction. If you want a perfect piece that is blemish free, or nearly so, order the side by square foot and pay for the higher quality leather.

The real deal

Michael Murray| 2/26/2022 8:35 am

This veg tan is the best for beginners on a budget. It's economical and it's the best leather you can buy for tooling. Don't listen to the bad feedback, this is the veg tan you want.

No good

Jim| 9/8/2021 8:42 pm

That’s the way it is with them, first time buying a piece of any of their leather they send you really good piece to get you to buy more and then stick you with junk and less square footage, happens every time I decide to try a different leather they have


randall| 5/4/2021 5:21 am

I've ordered three 2/3 oz. shoulders in this leather and i have mixed reviews. The first shoulder i received was really nice, clean, good size, and leather i would go to every time. Then I ordered two more shoulders and they were not the same. One shoulder was a bit smaller than my initial order, had a large stained area, and a couple rough areas, knocking down the available square footage by about 1 ft.. The third shoulder was very small. Although it was mostly clean (with only one small damaged area), the square footage was four feet at best.. When you get a good shoulder, they are well worth the money but two out of the three were not something i would purchase again. Undecided.