Ivan Brass Embossing Wheels

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Type: Stamping Tool 
Style: Embossing Wheel
Material: Solid Brass
Size: 6.4mm (1/4") Wide
Option: Vine Scroll, Square Maze, Scroll, Scalloped Lace, Geometric, Deco Scroll, Diamond Dot, Star Rope, Diamond Marquise, Braid, Barbed Wire

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For use With: #011-8091** Series Craftmaster Overstitch Sets, and the 374-8311000 Craftplus Pro Hand Embossing Tool

Ivan Brass Embossing Wheels

Our solid brass, hand-embossing wheels make adding ornate patterns on your leatherwork so easy that anyone can do it! Great for adding unique designs and embellishments to your work, as well as creating attractive and decorative borders!

The Leather Embossing Wheels are 1/4” (6.4mm) has (11) pattern options to choose from and are designed to work with #011-8091** Series Craftmaster Overstitch Sets, as well as the 374-8311000 Craftplus Pro Hand Embossing Tool.

Our Leather Embossing Wheels are intended to be used on cased, or dampened, natural vegetable tanned leather.

To Use: Mount the wheel into Embossing Carriage/Overstitch Spacer and secure into place. Then it’s simply a matter of rolling the wheel over your dampened veg. tanned leather. The more pressure you put on the carriage, the deeper and darker the impression. For a stronger and more durable impression, rock the wheel back and forth on the leather as you move along.

Carriage Sold Separately

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