Odd Lot Oil Tan Sides

Price $25.00 to $70.00

Odd Lot Oil Tans

PriceAverage Square Foot
2 for $7026-35 total

Odd Lot Oil Tan Sides

You pick the price, we pick the color!

We have a little something for everyone in our selection of Odd Lot Oil Tanned Sides! Whether you need a whole side or part of a side, with several buying options, we’ve got you covered! Great for beginners and old hands, alike!

Mostly browns, tans, and some other earthtones, but most are in the medium to dark brown range. No black. Most are smooth, but there are a few nice pebble grains occasionally. Some are oilier than others, and some are firmer than others. Some have a strong pull up and some not so strong and some have a distressed look. And to add to the value, most are water buffalo!

At these prices, there may be occasional imperfections like natural range markings and such. Great for chaps, saddle strings, bags, linings, moccasins, aprons, satchels, journals, and the list could go on and on. These have become some of our best-selling leathers.

2 for $70!!!
Yup… you got it. 2 sides. Is there a catch? Simply put, NO! You’ll get 2 sides that will total anywhere from 26 to 35 ft. The smallest could be as small as 11 ft, but there aren’t many of those. Sides are good quality, and could be either cow or water buffalo. Almost all are in the brown tones, with a few other earth tones occasionally. No black. Might be some imperfections, maybe not. Sides will usually be 3-4oz., but you might get some closer to 4-5 on occasion. Most are smooth, but there are a few nice pebble grains. Great for chaps, aprons, totes, back packs, bags, lining and all the other things that you’d use oil tanned leather for. Most have a nice pull up, and some have a distressed look. This is one of the best deals that we’ve seen in a long time, and hopefully we can keep it up! You might get a 12 and 14 ft one or a 14 and 16, or a 20 and a 13, or a 17 and 16 or….well….. you get the picture. Note: Typically the two sides will not match, although depending on the lot, it could be a possibility.

$45 Oil Tans!

The sides will run from 15-18 sf, (maybe a little more), and will be 3-4 to 4-5 oz. for the most part.

$35 Oil Tans!

The sides will run from 12-14 sf, (maybe a little more), and will be 3-4 to 4-5 oz. for the most part.

$25 Oil Tans!

These will run from 8-12 sf, (possibly a little more) and will be in the 3-4 to 4-5 oz. range.

Ratings & Reviews

29 Reviews

Great value to me !!!

Mike| 10/30/2021 7:53 pm

Ordered two $50- received them and I was impressed - good weight to them- dark brown in color - upon opening and rolling them out I ordered two more $50 Hoping for one saddle tan and one the green looking ones as I have some projects they will be perfect for - love the value!!!

Save some for me!

Holli| 10/29/2021 2:10 pm

I am tempted to leave a poor review just so there will be more for me!! But I can’t. This is a crazy good deal. I hope they keep it up for a long time!!

Two 15$ Sides

Amanda| 10/29/2021 1:36 pm

If I could give this more than 5 stars, I absolutely would! I ordered two 15$ sides, and I couldn't be happier. One is an absolutely soft, lovely hide that'd make an excellent bag, and the other is a GORGEOUS pull-up that I'm extremely eager to use. Both hides were nicely sized with VERY few scratches and scars, especially for the price. These are 100% worth the money. :)

Worth every penny

Heather| 10/28/2021 4:21 pm

I ordered 4 $15 sides, 1 $30 side, and 1 $50 side. All are beautiful. There isn't a nasty odor like some leathers - just the delicious smell of leather!